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Image 1-29-13 at 8.25 PMMonday was our first (their #111) Monday Lost Boobs Hash. It is a larger group (much larger) with a shorter trail and food/beer/circle at the end.  I did go out and run 3 before the hash, not knowing what to expect. The 3 mile run did NOT feel good.  Not my injury, but just overall sore and tired.

Then the Hash was probably closer to 4 miles.  We (yes, Michael was with me) stuck with the walking group for most of the time.  There was a BN (Beer Near) and we all stood around chatting and drinking PBR. And at the end, there was circle where they call out the Hares for a crappy trail (done by singing at them), call out trail crimes (by singing at them), virgins (more singing) and generally just sing inappropriate songs and have fun!

I will be going back.  Not sure Michael will be joining me!

Run: 3 miles/35:10

Hash: 4 miles or so, 3 beers, 2+ hours

Now I have to finish World War Z before the Beers and Books on Tuesday night!

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  1. How are you liking World War Z? I have a book queue, but thinking that when I finish the last Song of Ice and Fire book, that I may try to read that to be prepared for the film. So glad you’re enjoying the hash runs!

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