IMG_1577There really isn’t much to talk about. I have been laying low.

The temps here are in the high 90′s this week, but supposed to cool back down one more time before we stay there for the summer. There are two seasons here: hot and about to be hot.

I did get a basket this past week and it was AWESOME.  What do I do with fresh artichokes? It is a co-op and you receive a variety of fruits and vegetables, as locally sourced as they can.  You can find one near you at:   All of that was $17.50, including the fee.

I am kind of phoning in the running right now. The 20K was great and I was/am very pleased with my execution of that race.  And I just signed up for the short, night trail race series.  A 9K, 10K and 7K.  That should be FUN through the summer. Otherwise, I am very uninspired right now.